About Golden Gates Vidhyashram

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      We are a prestigious institution in Perambalur serving for a decade to prepare the smooth transition of our students academically and socially in this ever changing world.The school is committed in the whole scale development of the young buds with a breadth for learning and the range of skills necessary to take place in the society as the leaders of tomorrow and inspire the children to be the best in their character and sound in moral values.

The school intents upon developing new techniques in education and evaluation to bring out the talents in the child.
This institution strives to give each and every student the best education in CBSE curriculum.

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it”

The school provides excellent opportunities for the development of sports. Games are compulsory and our students have excelled in athletics, basket ball, volley ball, ball badminton and Lawn Tennis. The school has to its credit several distinct level trophies.